Can't dock file history window in 2022.1.2

Hi, I recently upgraded from version 2021.3.3 to 2022.1.2 and I have a problem.


One of the features in Rider that I used a lot was history for the file. After clicking on code lens above the class

it would open window with history for the file, docked at the bottom of rider. Now, after update, it didn't open history but annotate. So I went to configuration of lens and changed it.

I have my file history back, but its in a new window, cant dock it to the bottom of rider.


Please advise :)

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Hi Kzpryw

I've double-checked with Rider 2021.3 and this feature worked in the same way. However, you still can open this tab docked via `Git | Selected bile | Show history`. 

I hope this helps! 


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