Infinite Symbole search in rider UE

Hello, i've got an issue on rider (latest version) :

For some reason, the search symbole option sometime bug and go for infinite time, after this, i cannot search anymore in the project.


Hi e.rajot

Thank you for contacting Rider Support. Could you please try to clear the caches via `File | Invalidate caches => Invalidate and restart`?
If this doesn’t help, please, reproduce the error and use `Help | Report a bug`. This allows you to create an issue in our bug tracker with all the necessary logs collected and attached automatically. 
Thank you in advance and have a great day!

Hello Alexandra.


Thanks, it work.
But the issue look like using the RiderLink plugin. I need to turn it off to avoid this happening again, and again.

Note : the help report a bug land to a page showing we doesn't have the right to see this page.


Hello e.rajot,

It sounds like this behavior is caused by the caching issue RSCPP-33044. Is there any chance you have updated the Unreal Engine version prior to the bug occuring? Regrettably, I was not able to reproduce the issue with RiderLink alone (with valid caches).


Regarding "Report a Bug", please ensure that you are logged into your JetBrains account to proceed with reporting the issue.


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