Is anybody having same issue that "go to declaration" is sooooooo slow... in ue5

I usually open two projects with rider. one for UnrealEngine, another for server...

I don't know this is the reason or not... but server project hasn't had same issue.

only Unreal project has the issue...


when I use "Go to declaration" to see engine source implementation.

such as GetActorRotation() or GetActorLocation() all kind of engine function etc...


JetBrains Rider.Backend processor is working so hard with using 10%~30% of cpu and 5gb~7gb memory for searching it.

and it takes more than 10min to go to declaration with freezing both projects...


It's so annoying... please help me 

+ I open Unreal project with .uproject solution

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Sorry to hear that you've run into performance problems.

For further investigation, please provide the following info:

  • Operating System version;
  • Size of your solution;
  • Within a memory peak, please collect Memory Snapshot in Help > Diagnostic Tools > Capture Memory Snapshot;
  • Please enable Goto trace in Help > Diagnostic Tools > Choose Trace Scenario. Then reproduce the issue and collect Rider logs via Help > Collect logs. Disable tracing right after;
  • Backend snapshot (sampling part).

Share this info in 1 of 3 ways:

  • You may want to upload it to our storage and send me upload ID:;
  • You also can create a support ticket and attach the logs created right to the created request in Help > Contact Support;
  • Otherwise, it is possible to create YouTrack issue and attach your logs directly to it.

Thank you in advance.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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