Rider connect to SQL Edge


I just bought a Mac M1 and to install SQL Server in a Docker I had to install the SQL Edge because of the processor ARM - https://bornsql.ca/blog/you-cant-run-sql-server-on-apple-silicon-and-it-sucks/ 

Everything is working fine, but I can't use Rider to do queries, for example(I am using Azure Data Studio). 

I am getting this message:

I tried with driver of Azure SQL Database and driver of SQL Server too.

There's any way to use Rider to run SQL queries on SQL Edge?

Thank you very much

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Hi Rafael

It seems like you've faced a known issue. Please update to the latest Rider EAP and select "Azure SQL Database" data source instead of "Microsoft SQL Server". 

I hope this helps! Should you have any other questions, let us know. 

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Hi Alexandra Guk

I will wait the next version of Rider 2022.2

Thank you very much :D


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