Can Rider's vim work with matchit.vim?

So that we can use % to jump between html tags?

If its possible, how do we enable it?

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Thank you for contacting Rider support.

Rider allows emulating the matchit plugin for vim through the IdeaVim plugin, but it doesn't work in .net related html files like .cshtml (it works in .html). To enable it, you should do the following:

  • If you have IdeaVim plugin enabled, you can find a `V` icon in the bottom-right corner of Rider. Click it;
  • Select `open ~/.ideavimrc`;
  • Write `set matchit` to the file opened;
  • You will see the `Reload` button in the editor. Click it.

Now you have `matchit` plugin emulated with IdeaVim. It should work with an exception of .net html files.

To jump between tags in a habitual way in any file with tags, I suggest trying the `Move caret to Matching brace` action as it does what you need.
Would you mind trying the following steps?

  • Set a `Shift +5` keyboard hotkey for `File | Settings | Keymap | Editor Actions | Move caret to Matching brace` action;
  • Set carret to any tag;
  • Try jumping between tags via `Shift+5`;

Hope it helps. 


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