It's possible to make the bookmark persist when I "Move statement down"?

It's like the title says, sometimes when looking at other's code I use bookmarks with mnemonics to mark some snippets and to be able to fast move between them, I also use your "Move statement down" action to move things between code, but it seems to delete my previous bookmark, the "Reformat" also remove then. The question is, its possible to make the bookmark more consistent OR can you tell me another way to mark and navigate fast between snippets?

(I pressed ENTER and BACKSPACE after creating the bookmark and later used the "MOVE STATEMENT DOWN")


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Hello, Joao Gavron

Thank you for your request! 

This is an issue in Rider, unfortunately, and I was able to reproduce it. I've reported it to YouTrack, please feel free to follow, comment or vote. 

Have a great day! 


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