How to configure Rider to use Git Terminology

In Rider, all the VCS operations in the "commit" window and the "Git" window have weird terminology like "update" or "rollback." How do i make the operations in the commit and git windows use Git terminology? For example, instead of "rollback" i want a "discard" option. Instead of "update" I want it to be clear i'm doing a pull with rebase. How do I configure Rider to use git terminology for VCS operations?

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Rider (and fwiw most/all JetBrains IDEs) support not only git but also other VCS. As they do differ in terminology it is hard to use the terminology of a single one (though probably the most in use as of today) in the UI.

While technically potentially possible, that - when only one VCS is in use (it may be possible to have have a git repository as well as a mercurial repository in the same directory (see for example - it could be reflected in the UI. But that does not cover all eventualities.

You could create a feature request here:


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