adding worloads of visual studio in rider


I want to add those workloads from Visual Studio how is it possible ? I am using Linux so installing Visual Studio is not possible, so i am left with one option istalling them manually and i dont know how can someone explain it to me ? 

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the setup dialog of Visual Studio does a lot more than just installing VS but also frameworks, etc that do technically not belong to VS itself. I'll try to give you some hints about how to install the frameworks.

- on Ubuntu (and most other Linux distributions) ASP.NET core can be installed using a package ( Please keep in mind, that classic Framework 4.8 is only available on Windows

- Node.js is a framework which is also bundled with the OS or you can use something like nvm ( I'll prefer the latter, but that's up to you

- UWP is largely COM based and at least for development you have most likely to use Windows, probably what is behind Desktop workload also

- Not sure about mobile development, but this may be a wrapper over the VMs. Maybe google for Xamarin Linux, I think this is what it's based on

- Data storage is something I never installed. I usually went quite good by installing NuGet packages and for querying database packages I use DataGrip

.NET Core is like ASP.NET for Linux

I hope I could give you some hints that help,



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