visual studio - jetbrains rider difference

When using VS and I create a project inside of unreal engine(build from source with rider) a new directory, called Games, is instantly added to visual studio containing the source code of the respective uproject files.

Is there a way to achieve the same in Rider? I can't get it to show up...

I already installed the RiderLink plugin

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Hello Obscuritas,

To make sure I understand you correctly, the issue is: 

  •  You are creating "Games" directory in the UE root (using VS/Rider/file manager?)
  •  You open UE and create a new game project in the "Games" directory
  •  When you open UE4/UE5.sln, you see the game project created earlier. When you open the same solution in Rider, the "Games" directory is empty

Please let me know if my description does not match the behavior you mentioned.


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