Differences between the solution configurations?

I'm using Rider for Unreal Engine, I have a ton of pre-made solution configurations, but I have no clue what the difference between them or each of their purposes is. I haven't been able to find any documentation or forum posts regarding these, so I'm really not sure what they are:

- DebugGame Editor | Win32
- DebugGame Editor | Win64
- DebugGame | Win32
- DebugGame | Win64
- Development Editor | Win32
- Development Editor | Win64
- Development | Win32
- Development | Win64
- Shipping | Win32
- Shipping | Win64

What's the difference and purpose of these? And should I be using 32-bit or 64-bit configurations?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Samathan,

Rider uses UE configuration settings. The configuration will depend on what exactly are you trying to do - for example, if you are working on new features and playtesting them, you might prefer Development, if you want to debug something that is optimized away in Development config, you might want to switch to DebugGame or Debug (use the former if the engine code is not relevant).

Editor and non-Editor target launches the game inside Unreal Editor or just the game outside of the editor. Regarding Win64/Win32 - you probably want to pick Win64 target unless you expect to ship the project to 32-bit systems

You can find a detailed description of build configurations on this page. By the way, Rider 2022.2 will include a better UI for the build configuration that should help you determine the target you want with the help of UE description linked earlier.


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Awesome, thanks! I thought that it was just a Rider thing so I didn't think to check Unreal's documentation.

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Glad to help! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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