Rider becomes sluggish to not working after debugging UE4 Editor

Hi all, Rider becomes unresponsive to most inputs. I can click around, use Find in Files, etc, just fine, however most features of Rider stop working.

Some features that stop working are:

  • Tab (the actual tab key)
  • Code highlighting 
  • Navigating to the definition/implementation of a function or variable

A restart of the IDE fixes the problem. I've uploaded dumps, as requested in https://rider-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4413884964882/comments/6695897023122, here at this Upload id: 2022_07_28_22iutPTCZbUJwsnzFPfFuN (files: dump1.txt and 9 more)

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Hello Patrick,

Thank you for the details shared.
We are sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. Have you already tried the recently released Rider 2022.2? Probably, this issue is already resolved as we add a significant number of fixes with each release.
If the issue persists, would you mind sharing the additonal information with us as described below?

  • Collect a backend performance snapshot according to the `Embedded profiler` section of this article (Sampling is required);
  • When the issue is happened, collect Backend Thread Dump via `Help | Diagnostic Tools | Collect Backend Thread Dump`
  • Collect all Rider logs via `Help | Collect logs`;

Thank you in advance!


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