Remote Devlopment: No Linux Installation Found on Selected Machine

I am trying to get Gateway (with Rider) to work with Lima (local Linux VMs on MacOS a.k.a. "WSL for MacOS"). The VM is definitely running Linux, as Lima uses Ubuntu 20.04 as the default. I get an error indicating that Linux is not installed: "No Linux Installation Found on Selected Machine."

  1. Install Lima (`homebrew install lima`).
  2. tart a Lima VM (`limactl start`). Edit the config:
    enable `loadDotSSHPubKeys` to use your own key
    enable `forwardAgent`
  3. Attempt to connect to the VM from Rider:
    User: MacOS username
    Port: 60022
    Private Key: $HOME/.lima/_config/user

What is Gateway looking for on the remote machine to identify it as Linux?

It's definitely Linux:

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WSL is not supported.

Please follow the issue for updates.




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Sofia is right, and it also can be a wrong architecture. Even if it's a real Linux virtual machine, if it's arm64, we don't support it. So please check this place as well. 


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