Git - tracked but `uncommitable` files


The case is as following:

In the project I work, there are some files changed locally (e.g. appsettings.Development.json, launchSettings.json) that are tracked (Git), but I can't commit these files. With such situation, whenever I need to commit my changes, I have to go through the list of files and mark checkboxes of files I wanted to commit. This is dull and error-prone...

Is there any way to have a list of files that are changed locally but are not commited?

There are two list now (as shown below) and  I'm thinking about 3rd list - with tracked, changed, but I-do-not-to-wish-to-commit files.


Oh, I've found it.

It's a "New Changelist..." option.

Alternatively, one may use .git\info\exclude.


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