2 changes in latest Rider versions which broke my Unity development workflow


2 new things in Rider which made my development process much more complicated. This appeared coupel of months ago, so can't say what Rider udpate contained these changes. 

1. file changes according to last commits where you could see each method changes comparing to previous commit. Currently this has gone somwhere and isntead of confy block with changes I see a mess of different windows, panels, entire git history etc, but nothing what I actually need.

How can I restore old behaviour?

2. When debugger met the breakpoint, Rider IDE window is not focused autmatically. From the beginning I always had a feeling the Unity Editor just freezed, but in the fact, Rider pause the execution on breakpoint running in background. I believe "focus application on breakpoint" option in settings is responsible for that, but it just doesn't work on my Windows 11 PC. Before I was on Mac, and I don't remember any problem with that


Hello Romans,

1. Perhaps you've meant Local Changes. that were moved under Commit tab (Cmd+0/Alt+0)If you want to restore old view then you need to disable "use non-modal commit interface" under Preferences | Version Control | Commit.

2. I have created an issue on our tracker for further investigation, you can follow it here.

Let me know if you have other questions.


1. These preferences option didn't change anything.
anyway, I think you didn't get what I mean. Once again:

BEFORE I always could see preview of changes made in the method (comparing to last commit) clicking here

That preview was a mini version of this window. It was very comfortable to see the changes in the method only, not comparing 2 files in a separate tab.


Hello Romans

If you meant that when you pressed on a Annotation and you could see a dialog that allows you to choose a file that was affected by a particular commit - this behavior has been changed and you can invoke this diff from a Commit Details panel (on a right side from a log)

Also there is a discussion about such behavior, please see:


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