How is to create a C++ project?


I have Rider 2022.2 on Arch Linux. From what I understand from IDE description, it should support C++ language, and I see C++ plugin in my installation, enabled by default. But I can't find a correct template in "Create new solution" menu. For example, in "console application" one I can only choose from C#, F# and VB. Am I missing something?

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My installation has a separate C++ section inside new solution:

Maybe it differs from version to version (I'm on Rider 2022.2)

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I have no such section... Looks like something is wrong with my installation then

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Hello Griglogvin,

Thank you for contacting Rider support.
On MacOs and Linux, the only way to develop on C++ is to work with Unreal Engine projects. You can open .uproject and work on Unreal Engine project/engine, but there is no way to develop non-UE projects.


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