Rider asks to install RiderLink to Unreal Engine, installs it in the project instead


I am trying out Rider with UE5. After installing Rider and opening the project, I got a popup telling me that RiderLink plugin for the Engine needs to be installed. The popup was quite clear in the intention to install the plugin into the engine, not the project. After confirming it, Rider installed the plugin into my project, rather than into the Engine. This is really odd for several reasons:

1. Why would I want the IDE plugin to be project specific?

2. The plugin contains about 400 files, that's quite a bloat to have duplicated in every project.

3. The very next popup wants to add all those 400 files to the version control O_o

That's quite crazy first experience.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I install Riderlink to the engine, rather than the project. And why does the popup say it's installing the plugin to the engine when it installs it into the project?

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Hi Rawalanche,

It was possible to install plugin into the engine (and share it between projects) prior to one of the UE5 updates that changed the plugin handling logic. We are planning to customize the RiderLink installation process to support the new logic, but for now we have restricted the plugin installation to the game project. The popup should show only one option - to install the plugin into the game project. If you saw more than one option or if the popup offered to install the plugin into the engine instead for some reason, would you mind uninstalling the plugin (by removing the D:\Projects\Software\SimpleScatter\Plugins\Developer\RiderLink directory and reopening project in Rider) and attaching a screenshot of the popup that shows up instead?

Regarding your screenshot, it will show up if you are not ignoring any subdirectories of your game project. Rider itself is not altering your .gitignore for RiderLink or other UE plugins. You might want to add RiderLink directory to your excludes. This article describes how you can exclude files/directories in Rider.


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