how to view a count of compiler errors in a project


i'm evaluating rider to see whether it can make upgrading some older net4 libraries (particularly nugets) to netstandard.   so far i like a lot of things about it, but there are some basic things that both VS and monodevelop have that I can't find in rider.

  1. is there a place I can see compiler errors by PROJECT? (super useful when doing large refactorings, you don't care about errors outside of current project you're trying to get compile... just want to see current project compiler errors go to zero).
  2. when i build a project, the output flashes by and then i see the build/problems view.  this is pretty useful but i haven't been able to access the raw underlying output.   in VS or monodevelop, there is a window for build output.  in rider i can't find this, it's not in build/terminal and i haven't seen another way to access it.




ok so i found #2 which I guess technically provides #1 (tho it's not as good as either VS/monodevelop, since it's just raw log you can't sort by error/warning fields).


in the build window in the left side there is a toolbar with tooltip "open log file" which shows the build output mentioned in #2.   at the end of this output it shows the count of errors for whatever was built (so if building project, it will show error and warnings count for just that project).


Hello fdj,

Thank you for your questions. Indeed, pressing on the Open Log File button of the Build tool window will show you the raw log files of your project.
As for the sorting errors and warnings by the project, you may want to press Toggle Tree View Mode button above the logs one. It will sort the errors and warnings assigning them to each separate project in the quite convenient way, screen-shot below:

If you mean though some other sorting way of errors, please describe it in more details. I will be glad to assist.


thx for response.  this potentially looks useful but still not as good as vs-studio/mono-devs error window.


when you do a large refactor, you can easily get 1000 errors iniially.  so you need to be able to see things like the project name in every error.  with errors grouped under a project name like your screenshot above, you'd have to scroll quite a bit to track that... or more realistically you'd just ignorre the group and manually try to parse based on any file included in the error message iteself.  but since you can't sort on this file, it makes it harder.

also to my original point, not having a summary count of errors (or warnings, if you're displaying them) is important for similiar reasons.   when you do a large refactor, you sometimes need to figure out the different categories or patterns of changes you need to apply, so you can maximize the time getting back to compilable/green-tests.   without a summary count of the errors, it's more difficult to guage that your fixes are being applied as successfully as you expected them.


here is a screenshot of what the error screen looks like in monodevelop, which is very similiar to how it works in vs studio pro.  both of them allow sorting based on error #, project, filename and message 




i will also note that as somebody who has written very basic ides and compilers in .net, the fields that visual studio and monodevelop export to columns above are identical to the properties available on .net's compile-error class that is returned from any api-based compilation.

so if you ever were to include this as a feature it's pretty easy to slurp those into a grid, at least from perspective of microsoft compilers (imho).  


Thank you for such. a detailed description and explanation!

Taking into account features, that you would like to have, I have looked through our Youtrack and found the feature requests you are looking for:
Counter for the build Tool Window
Improve readability of the Buld tool window

You may want to vote for these features in order to increase awareness of it and let our developers know, that they are needed. Additionally, you can press Watch issue button to get updates on them.

Thank you so much for your input.
Have a great day.


i voted for all those issues and a couple of other related ones, thanks for heads up.


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