Some help managing a solution across different machines?

So I work on the same project on both a desktop at home and a laptop at uni. I keep my entire project on Google Drive, which lets me edit the same files on both computers, with them syncing instantaneously, without ever needing to download any kinds of updated files.
To actually edit the files, I use different instances of Unreal and Rider on each machine (the same versions, just installed locally on each computer). The problem is that I recently started using version control (Git with GitHub), and it's caused some complications that I would really love some help to figure out.
On GitHub, since I have access to the exact same files as my other computer, I set it up to sync to an existing repository, as if I had already cloned that repository. Everything works as intended, and I'm able to commit changes the exact same way.
However, I have an issue when trying to actually work with the files locally. Rider set up my solution for me with Unreal Engine, so in the solution, it has both my game's files and Unreal's engine files included (which I obviously need to program anything with Unreal Engine, like CoreMinimal.h). But when it set up the solution, it was doing so with the instance of Unreal installed to my desktop. So now Rider doesn't know how to handle the Unreal engine files, since they're not on this computer. Well, they are on this computer, but they are in a completely different location:
Here you can see my game (Kingdoms)'s solution, which includes Unreal's engine code and the game's source code. Since it can't find Unreal, everything is broken.
Does anyone know how I can fix this?
Thanks in advance!
Edit: The only fix I can think of is deleting all of the temporary files (intermediate, binaries, etc.) from the project files and regenerating them. But I'm scared that that could mess everything up even more somehow, so I'm very hesitant to try it without hearing some advice from others first.
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Hello Samathan,

Thank you for contacting Rider support.

Would you mind sharing the additional information as described below?

  • the exact version of UE you use (for example, 4.27 from Epic Games Launcher or 4.25 from GitHub)?
  • have you already edited some of the engine source files? Do you sync the engine changes between machines?
  • share the Kingdoms.uproject file with me. You can upload it to the [Upload Service]( and let me know the Upload ID.
  • correct me if I am wrong, did you install Unreal Engine from Epic Games Launcher and then cloned files with EpicGames GitHub Unreal Engine repo to this folder and set the sources engine version?

Meanwhile, I suggest the following options (hope it helps):

  • Right-click on Kingdoms.uproject, select "Switch engine version" and select the proper version;
  • Right-click on Kingdoms.uproject, select "Generate Visual Studio project files";
  • Open your game project via .uproject file instead of .sln;

Note: We do not recommend using Google drive to sync the project file changes as it might cause side-effects and issues in the future.

Have a nice day!

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I took a chance and deleted the temp files, and regenerated the VS project files and it actually worked! Thanks!

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Hello Samathan,

I am glad to hear, that I was able to help.
Should you have any other questions or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact support. Have a nice day!


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