Stop rider from adding braces or parens as you type

How do you stop Rider from "helping" and adding in characters as I type?

I type open parens (  and it adds in a closing one )

I type open brace {  and it adds a closing one

It screws up my code constantly, I don't look at the screen most of the time I'm typing and when I look back its all screwed up.

HINT to editor developers: If you have to HELP type code, your failing....please STOP trying to help, it is costing me money and time.



FYI I already set "automatically insert parentheses after completion" to NONE, it does not obey its own settings.



Hello, try unselecting the option Preferences | Editor | General | Typing Assistance | Auto-insert pair brackets, parentheses and quotes. Let me know how it goes.


I had the same problem after Code Completion kicked in. Although I have Code Completion now set to manual, you can disable the brackets in Editor/General/Automatically insert parentheses after code completion. Hopefully this helps you.


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