Rider Azure DevOps Username Reset

I have an issue whereby I have connected Rider with Azure Dev Ops but the username its using is incorrect. When I do a pull it is not allowing me to change the username. I am resorting to command line to pull but would like this integrated but how do I reset this credential in Rider?

I used the Azure DevOps plugin too which I believe put me in this predicament so I uninstalled it but it left a bit of a mess behind.


Hello, it does not work: 

Please try using IntelliJ Git plugin to clone your repository (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/rider/Set_up_a_Git_repository.html)

Please let me know if you have questions about this.


I don't know if anyone is still having this problem…but, thanks to ChatGPT, I found a workaround.

When you push a commit to Azure DevOps, at the popup, ignore the user name.  For password, enter a Personal Access Token (PAT) from Azure DevOps.  You can generate PATs by logging on to Azure DevOps, click on user settings (upper right, next to your user initials), click on Personal Access Tokens > + New Token.  The PAT will be a very long string;  be sure to copy it as it is only displayed once.

Using the PAT in the JetBrains Rider dialog (ignore the user name) worked for me.


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