Identifiers naming suggestions for C# generic types


In my scenario I created a class (GenericFoo) with a generic parameter (PlayerController). When creating a field of such class, I'd like Rider to suggest the name from the generic parameter name (PlayerController), not from the class name itself (GenericFoo).

Example (what it suggests now):

I'd like the suggestions to contain:



Worth noting, that this desired behaviour is already happening in a way - for example for lists (List<Dog> does suggest _dogs for a name).

Can I somehow configure this for specific classes?


I'm sure there is a simple trick for this, but I tried searching Rider's options and looked online in great lengths to no avail.

Thank you very much for any help,

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Hi Jan

Thank you for the request. It seems like it is not possible at the moment. However, we have the following feature request. Please upvote it to bring some attention to this case. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. Have a great day! 


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