Rider switches my windows keyboard layout--anyone know how to disable this?

Rider (and actually, the VS plugin as well) have this bad habit of changing my windows keyboard layout. I'm in a dvorak layout, and if I switch to Rider--AND RIDER ONLY--the keyboard layout will switch to a QWERTY layout that isn't even available in my Windows locale. I've removed all the QWERTY keyboard layouts; it's only possible to switch to a dvorak layout, from a UI perspective.

I had this problem with Visual Studio as well until I disabled a particular setting (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/484248/visual-studio-appears-to-randomly-adopt-american-keyboard-layout), but only after Resharper was installed.

It is NOT the keyboard input settings; I also have those completely disabled. 

This is incredibly irritating, because I usually end up accidentally editing files that I don't want to, or performing commands that weren't intended. Is there a way to disable this terrible behaviour? I couldn't find anything in the settings. If this keeps up, I'll honestly just uninstall Rider and Resharper; they're not worth this destructive behaviour.

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Hi Vincent, 

Sadly, I was not able to reproduce this issue yet. Please specify your Windows version and the list of the installed system languages.

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Windows Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044

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I was not able to reproduce this issue in Windows 10 or 11. Can you please send the logs? 
1. Reproduce the issue (work as usual until the issue will be reproduced)
2. Run `Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostics Data...`
3. Please specify the exact date and time (including seconds) when the issue occurred.


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