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Hello, I'm new to Rider and when I tried to load up a recent project from its .uproject file in Windows Explorer, I noticed that my C++ classes were missing from the project. I rebuilt the project and they re-appeared, but I had to re-add them to my blueprints. 

After doing some searching, I've read that there are issues with live coding and hot reload in Unreal, and there also seems to be issues with using RiderLink, but I'm confused about how these things interact and which of them caused my C++ classes to disappear.

Regarding RiderLink, I always get prompted by Rider to install it, but it seems like it causes issues with Live Coding if I install it in the Game folder, and when I installed it in the Engine folder, I get "cannot resolve symbols" errors for most of the UE-specific code in rider. Accordingly, I currently don't have it installed, and I'm assuming this is why I have a "No Unreal Editor Connection" warning in the bottom-right corner of Rider, but I don't know if this means I'm missing some of Rider's intended functionality.

Basically, what's the recommended way of working with Rider at the moment? Is there a safe way to compile without closing and re-opening the UE5 Editor, and how should I be using RiderLink?

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Hello Samthomson,

Thank you for contacting Rider support. 

We are sorry to hear that you encountered the mentioned issues.

You can find an explanation of the RiderLink plugin here. Currently, with UE5 (from Epic Games Launcher) project, RiderLink might be installed to the Game only because of this issue.

Would you mind elaborating on the issues with Live Coding encountered while having the RiderLink plugin installed to the game? Also, please let me know the exact version of UE you use (for example 5.0.3 from EGS or 5.0.2 from GitHub), your OS and how you open your project (.sln/.uproject).

Thank you in advance.


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