Rider cannot Work properly on Windows 11 22h2


Hi, after upgrading my OS version to 22H2, Rider cannot work properly anymore.

I cannot see the window after a project is opened.


Can you start Rider from the console? At least on Linux (haven't tested on Windows, but will do so later) you see logs there.

By any chance, are you running Rider from within WSLg?


李阳, do you see it it trace bar then? Or does it crash when you try to open a new project?


 Sascha Andres Hi, I try to start rider to open a project from powershell, here I got the logs: Ubuntu Pastebin.

I'm not running Rider from WSLg, thanks.


Olga Diakonova Sorry, but I am not sure what trace bar is. It does not crash, but the project window cannot show. 

I can only see a dialog about confirming exit when I try to close it through Task Bar.


Does it help if you call Alt+Space -> Maximize on the Rider icon on the taskbar? I think it might be that you have faced the following issue


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