Rider and dapr debugging

I am looking to run a dapr application, which requires a sidecar in k8s, so it must launch with the dapr cli to create and run the application properly. I am trying to figure out how I can edit the configurations to launch the .Net Web API with the dapr cli running so that everything is started properly.

I can run the Web API and debug for the most part, but when it comes to any of the code that is publishing a message to the pub/sub, then there is a grpc exception due to the fact that the sidecar for the application is not running.

I found this for the Intellij IDE, but having trouble figuring out how to configure this for Rider.

IntelliJ | Dapr Docs

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Hello Aaron! 

Thank you for reaching Rider forum. 

Could you please provide the details below: 

  1.  Is there any github solution, that includes darp, that I can check? 
  2.  Can you please provide exact spot, that you are unsure of? The only thing I found unclear of the documentation is the External Tools configuration. One in the doc is outdated. At the moment you may configure External Tools right in the Rider> Settings/Preferences > Tools > External Tools

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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Anna Morozyuk

The dapr quickstarts will contain multiple C# projects and how to set up dapr.

Dapr Quickstarts | Dapr Docs

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Hey Aaron,

Thank you for your patience. 

According to the instruction attached, for starting Darp solution it is required: 

  1. Install Dapr;
  2. Add Dapr as External tool in Rider> Settings/Preferences > Tools > External Tools;
  3. Create Run Configuration. To add multiple projects to start you may want to our documentation and find the bast way to make several projects, that you have start in required order;
  4. Follow Start debugging part in the documentation.

If you face any difficulties, please send the exact error message/question you faced. Example of project would be highly appreciated as well.

Should you have any further questions - please let me know



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