Is it supported to debug on a remote Docker (Linux host, Linux container)?

Rider is running on Windows that does not have Docker. In Rider's Settings -> Build... -> Docker, I added a new entry named "RemoteDocker", and set the SSH address of the Linux server on which Docker is running.

I created a new Blazor server app in Rider. I checked Docker support (Linux). I opened the Dockerfile. If I click "Run BlazorApp1/Dockerfile", Rider installs the container in the remote Docker server and starts the container. So basically "Run" works.

Now, I want to debug it (setting breakpoints, etc). Web search results say click "Run on Docker", but that menu is disabled. Is this because debugging on a remote Docker server is not supported?

Note that both the remote Docker server and the container are Linux. Only the computer on which Rider is running is Windows.


I wrote a comment but when I clicked "submit" it disappeared.

To rewrite, if it is a remote Docker, one needs to treat the Docker container itself as a remote computer, and enable SSH inside of the container and do the same thing that one would do to debug on a physical remote computer?


Yes, that should work. 


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