Code analysis hints, warnings and errors are shown in multiple or different languages


In Rider some hints (warnings or errors) are shown in english (that's what I want), others are shown in german (some with an ugly translation, even for me, as a native german speaker, difficult to understand, which is why I prefer the original english version) and for even both, english and german, versions are shown in the same popup. All my Visual Studio Professional installations (2017, 2019, 2022) are with english language package only. Also Rider (and all other JetBrains Tools including the ToolBox) are installed with english as the only language to use. Thus, all Visual Studio UIs as well as the UI of Rider is english. I have to admit that the OS (Windows 10 Pro) is german, which I assume might trigger the problem. Does anyone know how to convince Rider to only show english hint texts?

Here are some screenshots, all from the same code file:

german text only:

english and german text:

english text only:

Rider version is 2022.2.4

Visual Studio versions are UpToDate (at 12th of November 2022)

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Hello A Schloss,

Thank you for contacting Rider forum.

Could you please share the output of the command below: 

dotnet build --no-incremental

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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