Cant hit breakpoints during Profiling run

I want to debug some code, hit a breakpoint and from there, start profiling recording. 

I have disabled the checkbox Collect profiling data from start  for all profiling modes. 
according to this

After this I select Run-> "Profile bla with Timeline"

But in this way no breakpoint is hit, since its a specific part in the code need to hit a breakpoint.

I have also tried starting a debug session, where I hit breakpoint, but then there is no way to start profiling. 

Is this possible? 

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Hello, Have you tried to start debug and then attach with profiler to the required process?

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Yes, Ive tried that. But when I read the perfomance logs I dont get anything useful. The displayed data is nothing that I recognize as my own functions. Ive got the feeling that it doesnt profile my code and all the unfolding of lines just ends up in dead ends, saying absolutely nothing

Im I doing this right at all?

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Do your methods execute after attach has started or before this moment?

Do your methods persist in the Hotspots section? Could you find your methods with a "Search Functions" or "Find method in Call Tree"?

If you want to profile specific parts of the code, it is preferable using JetBrains.Profiler.API :

or using JetBrains.Profiler.SelfApi :


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