Better information about branches in a filtered view?



in the following view, I let Rider display the git-history of the file "AbsenceTermVO.cs".

Technically speaking, this is 100% correct.

But which version of the file is the one currently contained in "main"? And which branch does the commit "Fixed handling of ID" belong to?

Is there any way to get this information into this view?

Both branches moved on already and point to some other commits. But I think, it would be very helpful to see the branch-information anyway.

Thank you




You can enable "Show details" and be able to see the branch name and other details for this commit


Hi Ruslan,

"Show Details" is already active.

In the example above, the first commit that is part of "main" (or "master") is the third one from the top. I cannot see this information , since "main" moved on and points to some commit that did not change "AbsenceTermVO.cs".

I think this view should inform me about the fact, that the third commit is already part of "main" and the topmost commit is not. I think this is pretty important information when checking the history of a file.

It should also show the branch-name of the topmost commit (even if the branch is already a few commits ahead).


Branch labels are only shown on the commits they sit on, and indeed there is an issue that references are not visible if those commits get filtered out. There is no option to change this at the moment, unfortunately. Please vote for and related


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