Terminal background stays highlighted on Windows

Using Rider 2022.2.4 on Windows 10, when I open a terminal, as soon as something gets background highlight, the rest of the terminal output stays highlighted forever until I close and re-open the terminal.  This happens with both PowerShell and cmd.exe.  I use Rider on both Windows and Linux and have not seed this happen on Linux.

The problem doesn't happen when I open a command prompt or powershell prompt outside of Rider, so it seems to be something specific to Rider's terminal window.

I have tried unchecking the following in Settings - Tools - Terminal:

* Override IDE shortcuts
* Shell integration
* Highlight hyperlinks
* Run Commands using IDE

Is there any way I can just completely turn off colors or highlighting in the terminal window?

See below for what the problem looks like.  Black boxes are my own redactions, the light blue highlight is what I'm talking about.


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What Appearance Theme do you use `File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance`?
Is it an issue in the latest Rider 2022.3?

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Yes, I upgraded and it happens with Rider 2022.3.

I am using Rider Dark, but it also happens with other themes... I tried Darkula and Rider Light.

I haven't really customized Rider much, if at all, so it is pretty much an out-of-the-box config I believe.

Are you not able to reproduce this?

I have customized the Windows 10 Command Prompt and Powershell *outside* of Rider, but I wouldn't think this would have an effect on Rider's Terminal. It doesn't have the problem in a Windows Powershell Prompt outside of Rider:



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Indeed, I cannot reproduce this.
Could you please share (https://uploads.jetbrains.com/) IDE logs (Help | Collect Logs) with us so that we can take a closer look? Maybe there is a plugin that breaks this, or we could find some exceptions.
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OK, so I found this other post that helped me figure out the problem:


It ended up being related to some Windows Command Prompt customizations I had made to the foreground, background, and opacity.  This was to the Windows Command Prompt directly (not within Rider), and it looked fine, but somehow it messed up Rider's terminal.

I reverted my Windows Command Prompt to plain black & white with 100% opacity and it seems to have fixed the color problems inside Rider's terminal.

I still think this is a bug in Rider, that it should not be affected this way due to settings made outside of Rider, but at least there is a workaround.

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There is a workaround that might help:
If the output of `reg query HKCU\Console /f ScreenColors` command is f0 (240), then deleting it with `reg delete HKCU\Console /v ScreenColors` should help.

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