How do I reset all settings of the IDE?

I'd played around with the settings, half-blindly, so I do not remember everything I did. I am in a position where I am not happy with the outcome.

How can I reset the settings of Jetbrains Rider?

Google tells me to go to File -> Manage IDE Settings -> Restore Defaults, but there is no such option as "Restore Defaults".

There are only "Import Settings...", "Export Settings...", "Settings Repository...", disabled "Sync with Settings Repository >" and "Sync Settings to JetBrains Account..."


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While writing this question, I figured out that I can search for anything with Shift+Shift. I searched for Restore and it gave me two lines of "Restore Defaults". This made it work for me.

So somewhere in the myriad of settings and menus there is the option to do this. However Google was not able to help me at all. I've no idea why you've moved "Restore Defaults" away from File -> Manage IDE Settings, but you might want to consider adding this back because it was a real pain to find a solution here, and the most popular results on Google, including your own documentation, explains it by using the File -> menu.

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Hello Jens,

Thank you for contacting Rider support and for reporting this usability problem to us.

I created this issue on our tracker to document properly the ways of restoring settings to default.

Also, we have this issue to bring back the Restore Default settings button to File | Manage IDE Settings.

We would appreciate it if you could upvote these issues to demonstrate the additional interest.

Should you have any other questions or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact support.
Have a nice day!


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