How To Manually Uninstall Rider ?

I can't uninstall rider. Hitting bin/uninstall.exe results in a popup error stating: 
'Uninstall hasn't detected folder of Jetbrains Rider installation. Probably uninstall.exe was moved from the installation folder: 

So I hit uninstall.exe from the directory... only to be told it doesn't exist.

hitting uninstall from programs results in same effect. 

hitting uninstall from toolbox results in same effect. 

I need to reinstall but hesitant to do so until it is all removed. 


Unfortunately, it is a known issue. We work hard to find a fix. Feel free to follow the issue to be notified once it is resolved. You can install the latest Rider separately using JetBrains Toolbox as a workaround. We beg your pardon for the inconvenience.


Solution from here: 

works for Rider too. After creating that empty IdeaWin64.dll, the uninstaller starts working.


I can confirm, adding an empty file named "IdeaWin64.dll" in the bin folder next to uninstall.exe works!


Wierdest hack ever. But also yes it worked for me as well. I had Rider 2021.1.2 and it refused to uninstall. This hacked worked. Create the empty IdeaWin64.dll file in the bin folder along side the uninstall.exe, and the uninstaller starts working.


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