Rider 2022.3.1 doesn't come with .NET 7.0 on macOS


I run Rider 2022.3.1 on macOS. Trying to create a new .NET Console application with .NET 7.0, I could not find it in the list of frameworks. I checked ~/.dotnet, where Rider installs .NET, and it doesn't have .NET 7.0. How do I go about that? I don't want to install the .NET SDK myself and point to it on Rider. I'd rather have Rider install it for me, like it did for .NET 6.0. Any clues?


Hello Rami Omar Hassan, thank you for your question.

If there is no project to open, then first you need to go to "JetBrains Rider | Preferences | Environment", see what Rider offers. If there is a project that uses SDK that is not installed, Rider will let you know how to install it.

and point to it on Rider

This should not be the case, Rider itself finds the installed frameworks. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Maria Pleskunina,

Thank you for your response. That's exactly what I needed. I didn't know this Environment screen exist. I wanted Rider to install .NET 7.0 in ~/.dotnet, as it did for .NET 6.0. All is good now. Thanks again for your help :)



You're welcome, have a great day! =)


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