Adding 3rd Party Controls

I use both Infragistics and DevExpress and I can't find how to add them to the toolbox in Rider.

I can put the individual controls in, but they all come in as a single list.  The problem is there are dozens of them.  I realize that their installers build those toolbox menus, but do I really have to re-create those menus myself?  Cause I wouldn't be able to do that in any reasonable timeframe.

Here's what it looks like in VS:


It doesn't look like anyone's even looked at this so I'm adding a comment in the hopes it'll push it to the top of the list.


Hi Sean McCown!

There is a ToolBox Manager for third-party controls in Rider. To open it, go to the Designer tab and click Manage Components. Once DevExpress is installed on your machine, its controls will be listed in the Toolbox. You can add controls to the project there. 

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions. 


Got it. Thx.

The question now is, this is a VS project that I'm opening in Rider, so why aren't the references there anyway?  They're in the VS project.

Hi Sean!
Rider, as well as Visual Studio, doesn't detect if third-party components were added to a project. However, in VS all available third party components are shown in the Toolbox by default. I've created a feature request for this:
Feel free to follow!

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