Stop auto insert of closing tags in cshtml files?

Under Editor -> General -> Typing Assistance -> HTML/CSS I have unchecked "Insert closing tag on tag completion" but in my cshtml files if I tape "<nav>" the closing "</nav>" is automatically inserted. This is the exact problem being ignored by Microsoft in VS that is making me look for a new IDE as I am sick and tired of having to stop my coding to delete inserted tags. Is there some hidden place in the editor to stop this very annoying behavior? I am not willing to pay over $400 for an IDE that can't give users something this simple to control when I can get VS from MS for free and have the same exact frustrations.


From what I can tell this Post is talking about the same thing but to a larger extent and nothing has been done about it in almost a full year. I am on 2022.3.1

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Hi Matthewv

Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, RIDER-76109, unfortunately, has not been planned yet. You can follow the request so you will be notified once it is resolved. I hope you'll give Rider another chance after that. 


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