Can put the cursor/caret in any place, even if there aren't any characters there

So basically i can put the caret anywere, even if there isn't any "characters" there. If i open the file in any other editor, like Visual Studio for example, i can only put the caret where there where there is characters, even if those characters are spaces. But for some reason i can put the caret anywere, even if there aren't any spaces or characters there.

The following images might explain what is happening better

As you see Rider is letting me select a region of text that just doesn't exist. There aren't any characters after the WaitAsync();

This makes navigating code extremely difficult as previously i could just click in a line of code and the caret would land at the end of the line, instead of where i clicked.

Why is this happening?

JetBrains Rider 2022.3.1

Build #RD-223.8214.53, built on December 20, 202

Runtime version: 17.0.5+1-b653.23 amd64


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Hello Quique,

Thank you for contacting support.

Most likely it is happening because of the Virtual spaces feature. Would you mind trying to disable it in File | Settings | Editor | General | Virtual Space? Hope it helps.

If it doesn't help or you have any other questions or difficulties, please let me know.
Have a nice day!


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