How to use? Why option "Save context on commit" exists?

I'm learning my way around Tasks, changelists and contexts in Rider as I often switch tickets that I'm working on.
There is this option "Save context on commit" that I don't really get.

Let's say I'm working on a bigger Task/Issue and I do 15 commits to my feature branch. Why would I want to have a closed task created for each of these commits in my Task?

I'm not saying this is a useless thing. I just don't really see how it is useful and I'd like to be shown some ways to use it to my advantage.

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Hi Maciej,

In you particular case, the feature is not very useful indeed. It is very basic and works exactly as described in the documentation.

If you assigned a shortcut to the setting, you could toggle it on quickly before a specific commit and then toggle it off. But there's a usability issue with doing that too:

If you have ideas on how to make the feature better, you are welcome to share them here or directly at our issue tracker (new feature request).

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