Rider cannot resolve symbols in cshtml files ... until you type ?

I'm using Rider 2022.3.1 on Windows 11 on a .NET 4.8 Framework application. The solution-wide analysis went crazy and showed me 2600 errors in 76 files - all cshtml files. It could not resolve the @raw or @Model objects. I turned off and then on the analysys. I stopped and restared Rider. I rebooted. Visual Studio with resharper does not see them as problems and F12 navigates proerly there - but in Rider is says "Cant find a declaration to go to".

Then I typed the space bar. All the errors in the file vanished. So - while I have a work-around - touching 76 files is a drag.

Image before a keystroke:

Image after a keystroke: (I typed a "z" this time)

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