[UE5][Linux] LLDB won't show inherited members.

There is an old post about similar issue here but it's old and abandoned by the OP so I've decided to start a new one. The title says it all, when looking at the variables in the debugger I can't see members inherited from the engine parent class. I did run "fr v *this" suggested in the old thread and engine members where not visible. What's interesting is that engine members are accessible if I specify them by name ( trying to evaluate NamePrivate will give me a proper result ). LLDB appears to be working correctly but it can't list engine members on it's own.

Now the twist, I know how to fix it but the fix has a price. UE has an option called bTuneDebugInfoForLLDB which will use -glldb option to tune debug info for lldb. Once that option is enabled engine members will be visible, but the engine size goes from 66.8GiB to 149.9GiB and linking time goes up by 5-10 times ( build+link goes from ~2.5s to ~16s for any change ). It's the increased linking time that hurts the most, is there any way to work around it? Any way to force LLDB to iterate inherited members without bTuneDebugInfoForLLDB? Any help would be appreciated. 


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