In debug mode, Rider opens a new Chrome tab without going to the app's URL

I created a new browser profile in Rider with a custom user data dictionary pointing to Chrome's default user profile path. This is so that when Chrome launches, it launches with my Chrome extensions instead of plain Chrome. I created a new Javascript debug profile with URL: http://localhost:4200 and using the new browser profile.

If I don't have Chrome running already and I launch the debugger, Chrome launches with the extensions and it opens my app at http://localhost:4200. This part works well.

However, if I have Chrome already running, when I launch the debugger, Rider opens a new tab in the opened Chrome but the tab doesn't open at http://localhost:4200. It's a blank screen and URL at about:blank. Is there a workaround or another way to debug if Chrome is already running, whether through a new tab or a new Chrome window and it opens at http://localhost:4200?


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Hello Abdu Bukres,

Thank you for contacting Rider Forum.

This functionality is based on the WebStorm. For debugging .js application it is required to launch Chrome browser with the flag --remote-debugging-port. Thus, if Chrome is working without this flag, debugging will not be possible. Please refer to the WebStorm documentation: 

Starting a debugging session with your default Chrome user data

To run debug in already opened instance of Chrome, it is required to be opened with the --remote-debugging-port flag in advance. Example of such configuration.

Have a great day!


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