Where to find DotSettings files associated with settings layer?

JetBrains Rider has two types of settings: IntelliJ related, which are out of scope of this article, and ReSharper related, which are stored in three default settings layers: personal for a solution, team-shared for a solution, and this computer. The settings which are stored in the layers are marked with a layer icon.


Where to find them?

  1. Solution Team Shared

    {Solution Name}.sln.DotSettings file next to the .sln file

  2. Solution Personal

    {Solution Name}.sln.DotSettings.user file next to the .sln file

  3. This Computer
    • Windows: C:\Users\%UserName%\.RiderXXXX.X\config\resharper-host\GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings
    • Mac OS: ~/Library/Preferences/.RiderXXXX.X/config/resharper-host/GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings
    • Linux: ~/.RiderXXXX.X/config/resharper-host/GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings

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