Using Rider under Linux: prerequisites

Development in JetBrains Rider under Linux will require at least one of the following additional frameworks depending on the kind of developed application:



dnx is already deprecated & replaced with .net cli - so should rider work with .net cli too?


I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 with latest Mono (4.2.1) and .NET Core 1.1. When I try to open up a basic hello world project, I get the following:


Project 'helloworld' load failed
The lifetime has already been terminated.
Object name: 'Lifetime'.

Project 'helloworld' load failed: Can't connect to MsBuild project model process in 600000 ms


Any ideas on what the issue/solution could be?


@Brandon, You may try to update mono to 4.8 or 5.0, if it will not help, then zip and submit somewhere all logs from Help->Show log in Files folder. Follow up here.

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Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and I've installed Mono (5.2) and .NET (2.0). I created the sample shown here to verify that Mono is working.

I can run the application from the command line as the instructions say. But when I open the file in Rider 'Forms' in 'using System.Windows.Forms;' is red (and everything depending on it). Obviously I can not run the program from Rider and get the error: Program.cs(2, 22): [CS0234] The type or namespace name 'Forms' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Windows' (are you missing an assembly reference?).

What do I have to do to make Rider pick up the red parts? 


I have Ubuntu 18 running in a VirtualBox. Installed dot net core as shown under prerequisites link. Logged in to Ubuntu as root. When I run the ./, It returns "Killed". I don't see that message in the .sh file... Linux newb. Any ideas?


EDIT: Problem was allocated memory in VirtualBox. Bumped to 6Gb and all is good.

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