How to use Visual Studio's TFVС local workspace in Rider

  1. Download TF command line tool and accept its license:
  2. Run the following command in the command line (it is described here and here):
    tf.cmd workspaces /collection:<collection-url>
  3. Open your solution in Rider
  4. Make sure that the tf.cmd tool is specified in Settings | Version Control | TFVC
  5. Call VCS ->Enable Version Control Integration
  6. Go to VCS -> TFVS -> Manage Workspaces, select your server, and press "Reload workspaces"
  7. Select the workspace that you use in Visual Studio and press "Edit"
  8. You will see OAuth window. Sign in to your account.
  9. After that press "Save Workspace" and close the "Manage TFVS" window
  10. After all, you will see a repository in "Settings | Version Control | Team Services / TFS" and your project is now ready for working with VCS in Rider.
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If you use a new workspace you need to map remote and local folders by running the command 

./tf workfold /map '$/<your remote project folder>' <local folder> /collection:<collectionUrl> /workspace:workspaceName 

the <local folder> should be your solution folder with .sln file inside.

Do this step after the second step in this post.

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