Mulitple Nuget Sources

My projects use two different Nuget sources. It uses Azure package feed and Telerik Nuget. 

The restore fails because the 4 packages, from Azure, are not found in the Telerik feed. These packages are built by our team and uploaded to our DevOps site. It should not be looking for these packages in Telerik
We use Telerik products and we have packages from it's Nuget feed.

I don't have this experience in Visual Studio 2022.


Hello Cksanjose ,

Thank you for reaching Rider Forum.

Could you please share the following with me: 

  1. Screen-shot of the error message you are getting;
  2. Screen-shot of the Tools > NuGet > Show NuGet Sources;
  3. What happens with the dotnet restore command? 
  4. Reproduce the issue and collect the logs in Help > Collect Logs. Please upload them to and provide the ID. You may upload screen-shots to the storage as well. 

Thank you in advance. 



I'm experiencing the same thing, or something very similar. We had two Nuget feeds but one is now end of life but Rider 2023.3 RC continually fails to restore because it is looking for that old feed. Downgrading to Rider 2023.2.3 cures this problem as does doing a restore in Visual Studio.


Hello Nathanjwtx ,

Could you please reproduce the issue, collect logs and upload them to our shared storage? Provide me with the upload ID right after. 

Looking forward to your reply.


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