How to collect Rider logs?

Use Help -> Compress Logs and Show in Explorer/Finder/Files action. Please note that logs get erased on Rider restart. Therefore, it makes sense to collect them right after the issue occurs.

Can't access Help menu, how do I find the log file manually?

One can locate log files manually under the following path:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10:
  • Windows XP:
<SYSTEM DRIVE>\Documents and Settings\<USER ACCOUNT NAME>\.<PRODUCT><VERSION>\system\log
  • Mac OS:
  • Linux:



Does Rider team need all the log files and folders?

Yes, we do. Please collect all the files and folders unless you were asked for a particular file.

How to share logs with JetBrains?

Please attach them to a new support request. If the file size is bigger then 20MB, please use this how-to.


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