Unable to choose files or directories for a search scope in Rider 2023.2.3


It seems the window for creating or modifying search scopes doesn't show the files and directories in the latest Rider version (2023.2.3). I can add a scope but then cannot include or exclude any files or directories from the UI. The selection window is completely empty from the start, and remains so regardless of any changes made in the pattern field.

Entering a pattern manually also seems to always give an error but if I apply the changes, the scope seems to work correctly in the search window.

I enabled the new UI for the first time after upgrading, so it might also be related to that, but disabling the new UI didn't seem to help, so I guess this was broken in the last version in general.

Edit: I use Rider on macOS Sonoma 14.1.1 on an Intel-based Mac.


Hi Mika Viljanen

I can't reproduce the issue described, unfortunately. How do you open the Scopes tool window? What kind of project do you have opened in Rider? 



The same behavior happens if I open the “Find in Files” dialog (cmd + shift + f), select “Scope” and click the ellipsis button, or if I go to Settings > Appearance & Behavior > Scopes.

This happens in all of my C# projects. I tried creating a project as simple as possible by running “dotnet new console -n Foobar” in my terminal (outside of the IDE) and opening that in Rider, and the behavior is the same, so I don't think it's about corrupted project files or anything like that. Quitting and restarting the IDE doesn't help.

Out of curiosity I tried this in IDEA also (2023.2.5 Ultimate), and in that one modifying scopes worked like before, both before enabling the new UI and after it. The same goes for RustRover (2023.3 EAP).


Hi Mika Viljanen,

I test in the latest Rider release and it allow me to select the scope folders on UI.

Could you check if you selected the filter in the panel?

If the folder tree still not displayed in the panel, you can try to invalidate the Rider cache as mentioned in this documentation first. If there is no improvement, you could reproduce the problem and provide us the log bundle for further investigation. Thank you.



Selecting and deselecting either of the filters didn't make a difference. I also tried invalidating the cache (selecting all of the possible options in the dialog) but that didn't seem to help.

I created a new support request for this with the logs here: https://rider-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/requests/5775832



As suggested in the support request, I re-installed Rider (and actually manually removed all Rider-related files that I could find on my system), and now this works again.

So, for anyone possibly having the same issue, I recommend starting with a re-install.


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