Errors after changing from one branch to another

After updating rider to 2023.3.3 every time I change from one branch to another one, even with in sync brands results in multiple errors with missing classes and objects. These issues are always solved by invalidating caches and restarting rider.


For me is a bit anoying to need to invalidate cache/restart every time I change from one branch to another one. Also happens to some of my colleages.

All of us are using macOs with at least Ventura version.

I'm currently in Sonoma 14.2.1 with an M2 pro

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Hello Fran Ruiz 

Sorry to hear about this issue. Could you collect Rider logs with additional trace logging so we can investigate this behavior?

Please follow the steps below to collect diagnostic logs:

  1. Enable Caches, PsiFiles, Daemon and FileSystemTracker trace scenarios under Help -> Diagnostic Tools -> Choose Trace Scenarios
  2. Reproduce the issue by switching branches 
  3. Wait for a few seconds after you notice false-positive errors and call Help | Collect Logs action to generate a log archive
  4. Disable all trace scenarios (Help -> Diagnostic Tools -> Choose Trace Scenarios)
  5. Take a screenshot of an entire editor window (with any affected file open in the editor), including the Status Indicator
  6. Let us know a couple names of the affected files (you can take a screenshot Problems tool window for convenience)

You can send us this information via the Upload Service and leave the Upload ID in this thread. 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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