All UE_LOG symbols on Mac have error "Cannot resolve symbol 'remove_reference_t'" (but can build fine)

I've had this problem working with Unreal Code for a while. It shows up for every UE_LOG statement. However, I can actually build fine. I have:

1) Installed Unreal plugin in Rider

2) Installed Riderlink plugin in editor

Also, I've done the same thing on my windows machine and don't have this issue at all (but maybe I somehow screwed something up when setting this up on my Macbook). Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?


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Hello Tommy Kidder,

This is a known Unreal Engine issue that will be fixed in UE 5.4 and is already fixed in ue5-main branch. You can use PR 11227 to resolve this issue if you are comfortable with rebuilding Unreal Build Tool.

If you are using prebuilt engine from Epic Games Launcher and want to avoid rebuilding UBT, please try restarting Rider after you encounter this issue. clang++ should start faster the second time due to faster notarization check.


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