Directories/Files are removed from solution each time it is loaded.

I have a project with nothing but C++ .h and .cpp files in it.  Every time I open the project, all the files in the project except for the main file are removed from the project.  The last time I opened it, I was actually paying attention, and I watched the files and folders get removed from the solution explorer.

Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?


Hello Cory,

It seems your project file(s) are being regenerated in the background and the generator omits newly created source files. Could you check if there are any changes being applied to your .vcxproj in the background while Rider is running? 

The next time you encounter this issue, please open your .vcxproj in the editor (you can invoke Edit (F4) action to open C#/C++ project file in the editor or drag-and-drop the file in the editor pane) and check if Local History has records of any changes to .vcxproj


Hi Kirill,

Thanks for your help.  I opened the .vcxproj file to check the local history, but it only had the last 12 hours.  So I added the folders again and closed the project to reproduce the problem.  Now, for whatever reason I can't get it to reproduce the problem.  This is great for my immediate purposes, but I'd prefer to know what was causing it.  If it happens again, I'll check the local history as suggested and report back.


Hello Cory,

Could you check what process is accessing your .vcxproj using ProcMon? You can:

  • Open your project in Rider
  • Download and run Process Monitor
  • Create a new Filter with the path containing <your_project_name>.vcxproj (see the screenshot)
  • Reproduce the issue (Process Monitor should start listing a bunch of events about file access in the background)

If ProcMon does not show any other applications accessing this file, please send us your ProcMon trace and Rider logs so we can investigate this further:

  • In Process Monitor use File→Save, pick Events displayed using current filter, disable the profiling events checkbox and pick the PML export format
  • Export the events (can take a minute or so). If PML export fails for any reason, please use CSV export format instead.
  • Archive the exported ProcMon data and generate Rider log archive (Help→Collect Logs)
  • Upload Rider logs and ProcMon events to the Upload Service and let me know the Upload ID.



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