Rider 2024.1 crash

I've updated Rider to 2024.1 and I have a lot of crashes without any errors displayed, just the IDE vanishing…


Hello jc ,

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Could you please reproduce the issue and collect the full log bundle so we could take a closer look at the case? Also, please collect the dumps using the following instruction and attach the resulting information to this ticket? Please upload files in the result to our shared storage at https://uploads.jetbrains.com and share the uploaded ID with us. 

Thank you in advance and have a great day!



Here are the log files:  2024_04_15_2TwvPFheKSd8t6bXPPvojS (file: log.zip)

Got nothing in the C:\JetDumps folder…


Thank you for the provided data. I could not define the exact issue's reason, thus, I have created a request to our developers with the ID:

RIDER-111074 Rider crashes after the update

Please subscribe to the issue by upvoting it, so you can receive updates.

Meanwhile, please try installing a previous Rider version, so you can keep using Rider. 

Thank you and have a good day.


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